There are still problems to be solved for patients suffering from snoring and sleep apnea that are not being addressed adequately.  

50% of patients using CPAP are not using the devices.  

Dentists sending patients to sleep clinics and sleep physicians many times never see them again because physicians don't seem to understand the effectiveness of oral sleep appliances.  They place almost every patient on CPAP automatically, even mild to moderate sleep apnea.  Many are just used to this system while many other physicians know very little about sleep apnea and therefore ignore it as a possible cause in heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer and high blood pressure.

Metabolic Syndrome is an epidemic.

The treatment of the car accidents, heart disease and stokes often caused by sleep disorders is then addressed with drugs, heart stents and surgery, never getting at the root of the problem. 

Children are suffering too with misdiagnosed ADHD, aggressive behavior, bed wetting, tiredness, lowered IQ and poor school achievement. 

For dentists, sleep apnea causes many problems with children not developing lower face anatomy and airway constriction.  Crowded teeth and night grinding are causing many to have TMJ problems, neck and head pain, and broken dental restorations.
For Chiropractors sleep apnea leads to forward head posture which causes many problems for the spine.  We also see chiropractors treating the TMJ jaw problems caused by the night grinding and they work with dentist to help these patients, however, most of the time dentists and chiropractors do not work closely together on these shared issues. Sleep apnea also leads to weight gain and the inability to lose weight due to the constant release of cortisol through the stress of night breathing difficulties. This can further lead to more posture and spine problems for patients caused by the spinal pressures of the weight gain.

This group is intended to bring the professions of chiropractic and dentistry together to collaborate on the treatment of sleep apnea. Not only will we collaborate and support each other but cross referrals will help patients get better care.

In addition to that, chiropractors and dentists can help each other screen for more sleep apnea patients and CPAP failures with simple in office screening questionnaires which they then send to the dentists or to chiropractors for oral appliances and pain treatment. They can then qualify them for home sleep testing devices with companies already set up to do that. 

Furthermore, sleep medical billing companies have agreed to work with these two professions to grow this new source of care for patients by helping each profession bill effectively and profitably.  There are many areas of reimbursement that dentists and chiropractors are not aware of and can help in their business model.  We have even found a billing company willing to place home sleep study devices in office free of charge to the doctor or can be sent to the patients directly by mail or UPS.  The patient will send the study back to them and the MD report and prescription will then be sent to the chiropractor or dentist.  Nearly everything is done for you.  These companies have the ability to help reduce medical insurance deductibles so that you get paid better when you then submit your treatment fees.  The doctor and patient both benefit.  For those who have in office home sleep study devises, they will read, diagnose, write a professional report and prescribe the sleep appliance for you for less than $100.  This option then allows you to bill out the HST if you prefer, instead of the billing company.  You can choose either rout depending on which benefits you and your patient most.

The cross referral and cross coding expertise of these companies and the in office training or online training that can be done is accelerating the discovery and effective treatment of sleep apnea patients and saving lives.

There has never been an organization that has put together all these facets of sleep medicine:

  1. A cross referral programs for dentists and chiropractors.

  2. A billing company that can find the best and most effective insurance model for Doctor and patient.

  3. A sleep physician who will work for both dentist and chiropractor satisfying the rules for most states in sleep medicine.

  4. A portal which is available now for some states for simple screening or a simple faxing of forms for those not yet having the portal.

  5. Referral forms and screening forms custom designed for dental and chiropractic needs

  6. Education in sleep medicine.

  7. Home sleep testing and titration of HSTs done in office or sent directly to the patient for you.

  8. In some areas and in many soon to come, payment to you for doing the home sleep study and payment for the physician's written diagnoses and recommendations

  9. Many FDA approved oral appliances (MAD) are available through us and our affiliates. Government approved CPAP durable medical equipment treatment can be sent directly to the patient in approved states without having to go to a sleep clinic for many cases.

  10. The ability to send a patient to a sleep clinic if needed for more involved cases.

  11. Continuing online webinars and coaching to keep you updated on the latest advancements and billing solutions.

  12. Oral appliance labs to supply Medicare and Insurer approved Durable Medical equipment. Compliance forms for Medicare and insurance carriers.

  13. Ancillary CPAP and MAD cleaning supplies availability and optional office sales for them as another income center.

  14. Medical billing programs done for you or training for staff members to do medical billing.

  15. Advanced medical billing solutions for surgical practices.

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Richard Downs D.D.S.


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