Dental-Chiropractic Collaborative is a professional dental and chiropractic service dedicated to the education and welfare of our patients who may be affected by snoring and sleep disorders.

Dr. Richard Downs, D.D.S. developed the DCC to build a cross referral team approach to patient treatment between the professions of chiropractic and dentistry.  The strategic partners he has affiliated with will allows for Dental-Chiropractic Alliances to work with with durable medical equipment centers, dental sleep labs and medical sleep centers, and innovative medical billing experts with an emphasis on treatment of sleep disordered breathing. 

DCC supports this relationship in many ways starting with our educational seminars, ongoing in-office support, social media campaigns, and mentoring from professionals trained in this level of care.  DCC also keeps its members up to date on the latest advances in effective treatment and effective billing solutions on behalf of the doctors for their patients. 

DCC helps Dentists and Chiropractors to:

  • Recognize which sleep disorders can be treated with oral sleep appliances (OSA).

  • *Change or Eliminate* this bullet:
    Helps dentists be educated in the services chiropractic care provide for the co-morbidites of sleep apnea,  different types and uses of oral appliances, screening for sleep disorders, and interpret (PSG) polysomnograms.   

  • Administer home sleep studies (HST) and work closely with a patient's physician or specialists in Somnology to achieve the most effective treatment for a patient.

  • Manage the dental issues that uniquely accompany sleep related breathing disorders (SRBD) and its impact on teeth, gums, soft palate, tongue, joints, neck and jaws.

Only dentists are qualified to fabricate, adjust, fit, monitor and treat problems and complications associated with oral appliances which are used to manage sleep related breathing disorders.  

Chiropractors not only can screen and find potential sleep apnea patients but can treat the posture problems, counsel on weight gain issues and treat morning headaches associated with sleep disorders non-evasively.

DCC and our partners can handle all of the billing and pre-authorization work for you while maximizing the medical insurance benefits for your patients to minimize their out-of-pocket expenses by automating this billing service to their medicare and medical insurance carriers.

We provide your dental or chiropractic office with home sleep studies.