Richard Downs, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., F.I.C.O.I. 

Dr. Downs maintains a private practice of general dentistry, with special interests in implantology, dental sleep medicine, cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, periodontology, orthodontics, endodontics.  He is also studying the link between volatile organic compounds and viral contributions to periodontitis with particular focus on cytokine immune response and its suppression by ozone and chlorine dioxide for his oral care products company at  

He attended College from 1967 to 1969 on a Workship Scholarship in chemistry. He received his Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in 1969.  He graduated from the University of Iowa earning a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in 1971.  Dr. Downs attended the University Of Iowa College Of Dentistry on an HR2 military scholarship, and in 1975, attained a Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree.  

Dr. Downs is a member of the American Dental Association, the Iowa Dental Association, the Dubuque District Dental Society, the Dubuque County Dental Society, past member of the American Straight wire Orthodontic Association, past member of the Misch Implant Institute, and  American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, past member of the American Academy of Implantology, the American Society of Osseo integration, the International Association of Breath Odor Research, present member of the Academy of General Dentistry,  present member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and the Fortune Practice Management - Platinum Circle division.  Dr. Downs has been a consultant and coach for Fortune Practice Management and has taught seminars in practice management and marketing.  He helped develop systems for organizing treatment plans and breakthrough technology in teams for Quest Seminars International which was later used by Fortune Practice Management.  Dr. Downs was the editor of the Iowa Academy of General Dentistry newsletter for four years and is past President of the Iowa Academy of General Dentistry.    

After graduating from dental school, Dr. Downs spent three years as a Navy dental officer at the Great Lakes Naval Base. He has attained a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, Fellowship in the Misch International Implant Institute, and Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.  He graduated from the American Straight Wire Orthodontic Association two year general dentist orthodontic training program, and was certified by Robins Research International, Inc. in Neuro-Associative Conditioning.   He has lectured on several topics including cytokine immune response and wound healing, diagnosis and treatment of halitosis and periodontal diseases, and bacterial and viral cytokine inflammatory modulation pathways in periodontitis.

Dr. Downs started a marketing company called Health Referral Associates in 1988 which marketed patients for dental and chiropractic offices and was active in 14 States.  In May of 1995 Dr. Downs, along with his business partners, formed an Internet access provider company which was eventually sold to Efanz communications.  Dr. Downs established a dental seminar company called New Century Seminars which taught dentists around the world how to treat breath disorders.  His video based seminar and manuals have been sold to many professionals around the world.  He has since established two popular web sites on the Internet for patients and doctors seeking information on periodontal and breath treatment.  They include the American Breath Specialists  and the Dentist Select dental products company and web site at  This most recent Dentist Select web site is a dental products company formed primarily around the technology of delivering optimal chlorine dioxide therapy in fresh unit doses since chlorine dioxide has a very short duration of action and must be produced fresh each time it is to be used.  Its' first product is the mouth rinse "Oracare".  New products are being made, including a post op gel and special rinse for implant dentistry and a branch of ozone products.

Dr. Downs has also formed a company for sleep dentistry social media marketing and another related site for dentists working with chiropractors called the Dental-Chiropractic Collaborative at forming a new alliance of chiropractors and dentists for the treatment of sleep apnea.